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M & N

M & N Freight is an owned subsidiary of Nectar Group. It aims to provide efficient and cost effective logistics solutions for handling Bagged, Bulk and Containerised cargoes.

Not only do we serve our customers with commitment and professionalism but also we conduct our business so that we always come up to the standards that our customers have come to expect of us. The venture has been created to provide efficient inland logistics and transport services to both existing and new clients. The company runs a fleet of modern DAF 6 x 2 trucks for its operations and has developed a new depot on the outskirts of Tema that serves both as a base and workshop for the fleet. M&N’s fleet of trucks are approved by the European emission standards and the fleet of trucks are fitted with a tracking device that monitors the actual positioning of the trucks at all times including its speed so the progress of the transportation can be easily determined. This information is then fed to M&N’s office at regular interval which can then be reported to clients. Fully insured, and licensed, we have competitive rates, dedicated customer service and a superb team to ensure we meet and exceed our customers’ requirements.

Wherever you’re planning to move, we will make sure that you can send your goods and safely and economically

All trucks are fitted with detailed GPS trackers so that up to date information on location and ETA can be relayed to the client.