Christopher Leonard

Chief Operations Officer

Christopher has over 24 years’ experience in the logistics field coming from a road, rail, and liner background including previous roles in both sales and operations.

Chris joined Nectar Group in 2010 as the Commercial Manager with responsibility for the commercial activities for Worldwide Bagging operations. Chris was responsible for a team of 4 and managed clients in Europe, Africa, Caribbean and Asia developing strong relationships, securing current business and growing new business. In 2017 Chris was promoted to the role of Business Development Director with the responsibility of managing the various Terminal opportunities Nectar Group were reviewing along with various due diligence, CAPEX analysis and feasibility modelling activities on selected projects the group decided to peruse.

In 2020 Chris was then promoted to the role of Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for the operations of the groups business units: Worldwide bagging, Terminal Management, Maintenance Contracts, and Equipment and Parts Sales. Chris is responsible for ensuring each of the business unit meets required budgets in revenue and costs as well as setting and ensuring all group Key Performance Indicators are achieved in Quality and Safety.