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Nectar Group is pleased to share a range of downloads for your perusal. These downloads provide insight into our interesting history and diverse activities.  


Our Literature

Find out more about Nectar Group.  Read and download our company brochure, presentation, flip book and equipment brochure. 

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Apresentação da Empresa

Um Operador de Terminal de Classe Mundial, Especialista em Movimentação de Cargas e Prestador de Serviços Portuários.







Cargo Handling Equipment Brochure

Discover more about Nectar's award-winning COMPAC™ mobile bagging equipment.  We continue to deliver state-of-the-art mobile bagging solutions and cargo handling equipment such as Bulk Hoppers, Conveyors, and Remote Release Grabs to a diversified global client base. Offering clients unparalleled expertise in safely handling a wide range of sensitive bulk materials from high-value combinable crops, fertiliser, feed and supplements to clinker, aggregates, and minerals.

  • Note-se que o Nectar Group Limited é um operador de terminal, especialista em movimentação de carga e prestador de serviços portuários.
  • Este campo é para fins de validação e deve ser deixado inalterado.


1 Ashton Gate, Ashton Rd.
Harold Hill, Romford
Essex. RM3 8UF

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<i class="fas fa-phone"></i>   + 44 (0) 1708 386555

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