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Terminal Design

Nectar offers:

Full Conception and Design Services.

Installation and Commissioning.

Tailor Made Solutions.

Full After Sales Support.

Below are typical examples of Nectar Project:

  • Design and supervision of flat storage terminals.
  • Design and supervision of intake and bulk storage systems.
  • Design and supervision of bagging facilities.
  • Design and installation supervision of conveyors for pile loading, bag and bulk handling with/without weighing systems.
  • Design of specific bulk weighing systems for silo or warehouse operations.
  • Design and installation of various mobile multipack, blender and bagging equipment.
  • Design and manufacture of complete mechanical conveying systems or "one off" conveying equipment such as belt conveyors, tubular conveyors and "U" trough conveyors.
  • Design and manufacture of steel machinery platforms, mezzanine floors, gantries, walkways and ladders.
  • Maintenance, modification or periodic technical inspection of bagging plants/installations.
  • Expert independent advice for ship unloading capacity improvement projects including assistance in tendering and evaluation of alternatives, follow through to full implementation.