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Equipment Rental Opportunities

Nectar Group provides flexibility for rapidly changing requirements.  We are leaders in Bulk Handling, Rentals & Mobile Bagging Services. Our dedicated team ensures our clients have the best cost-effective, reliable, and effective equipment for their port’s day-to-day activities.  Our award-winning COMPAC M140 bagging machines are available for purchase and rental. 

Services Summary

In today’s rapidly changing shipping environment, spot rentals have seen a considerable increase. Spot rental bagging and equipment services are accessible on a vessel-by-vessel basis. 

Spot Rentals

Rental contracts are backed by Nectar’s dedicated World Wide Bagging team, featuring the efficient M140 bagging units, ready for quick deployment. Nectar’s bagging equipment ensures fast discharge speed combined with reliable bag weight accuracy, as well as the all-around superior service that clients expect from Nectar operations and management.

Discover Nectar's flagship COMPAC Range.  Nectar's M140 mobile bagging machines are designed specifically to be housed within two ISO containers, revolutionising the bulk commodity handling industry, allowing for increased efficiency with designation bagging.  We offer clients unparalleled expertise in safely handling a wide range of sensitive agricultural materials, including high value combinable crops, fertiliser, minerals, feed and supplements. To view this highly reliable machine in detail, visit our products.

Extensively Supporting Various Locations

Nectar is proud to be working in Africa for over four decades, delivering efficient and cost-effective cargo handling solutions. We have dedicated equipment and technicians in several regions around the world including Central America, West Africa, East Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Our dedicated team ensures our clients have the best cost-effective, reliable, and effective equipment for their port’s day-to-day activities. We have equipment to suit a diverse range of port applications, from loading and unloading vessels to manoeuvring cargo to mobile bagging units for dry bulk handling. Nectar has extensive experience in providing specialist equipment for the Port Sector.

Our Full Services Range

Discover our full services range based on years of experience.

Logistics & Warehousing

Depending on locations, Nectar is able to provide end to end logistics or one off services such as warehousing or trucking.


Nectar Group's in-house design team, engineers and commercial staff are available to work on various consultancy projects in bulk cargo handling. 

Bagging Services

Nectar is the leading company in providing both spot bagging services and long term contracts with over 45 years experience.

Bulk Discharge

Nectar Group has been an active player in the bulk discharge industry for many years. It has a fleet of bulk discharge equipment available for rental.

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