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Nectar Group Joins Forces with Vesto Ropes to Introduce DX11 Smart Termination Technology

Offering the latest in high performance steel wire ropes for ports including heavy duty environments such as dry bulk terminals, container terminals and deck cranes. The next generation wire ropes for most lifting applications. 

Nectar Group is pleased to announce that our new partner in bulk handling equipment – Vesto Ropes has won the IBJ Award for Safety in Bulk Handling – Marine. 

Product Summary

A new chapter in the steel wire rope industry

Meet the next standard. Award-winning Vesto Ropes.

Nectar Group is pleased to partner with Vesto Ropes, a market leader in the high-performance wire rope division. With an in-house research and development department, Vesto Ropes ensures to be up-to-date on the latest industry requirements related to heavy lifting and innovations.

All the Vesto products are made with high-quality and up-to-date machinery and the raw materials are only sourced from top suppliers to ensure the Vesto rope standards. With multiple specialised rope products, Vesto Ropes are used across a wide spectrum of port and terminal applications. Discover more below. 

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Cable Applications

  • Gantries
  • Mobile harbour cranes
  • Tower cranes and container cranes
  • Ship Unloaders
  • Straddle carriers
  • Overhead cranes
  • Boom mobile cranes
  • Telescopic mobile cranes
  • Drilling and piling cranes
  • Boom crawler cranes
  • Deck cranes
  • Offshore pedestal cranes
  • Dockside cranes
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DX11 socket

Meet DX11 Smart Termination Technology

DX11 Smart Termination technology, a patented innovation by Vesto Ropes, has revolutionized the wire rope industry. This state-of-the-art socketing method is designed to significantly extend the lifespan of wire ropes, providing enhanced safety, durability, and terminal efficiency. It has found wide-ranging applications across various industries and is particularly beneficial in the dry bulk sector.
  • Centerline of the cable and socket
  • Increased security
  • Cost savings through extended socket connection life
  • Improved carrying capacity
  • Dirt and dust seal at socket entrance
  • Vibration damping
  • Less abrasion in the socket
  • Maximum equality in wire and strands
  • Fully customizable based on requirements
  • Improved force distribution in individual wires

"It's not just an end connection, it's a steel wire rope configuration."

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Our Full Product Range

Discover our full range of equipment.

Bagging Equipment

Nectar offers a comprehensive range of bagging equipment, which can be customised to your requirements.

Bulk Hoppers

Recently added to our range of equipment is the specially designed bulk hopper which can handle a multitude of dry bulk materials.

Parts & Maintenance

Nectar Group has a dedicated Aftersales team ready to provide prompt assistance in troubleshooting and identifying spare parts.

Fertilizer Blending

Nectar has experience in supplying a complete solution for your bulk handling that can include blending, discharge of commodity.

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