Flagship containerised COMPAC hopper

Our flagship COMPAC hopper is specially designed and constructed based on a standard size ISO 20 ft steel container measuring 20; x 8′ x 8’6” (LxWxH) and weighing approx 9,000 Kg. LEARN MORE

Performance Data Summary

The COMPAC hopper has a capacity of 21 CBM and is fitted with a protection frame suitable for touching down a grab directly from the ship’s crane. 30 mm holes in galvanised steel grids on top of the unit prevent lumps or foreign material entering the weighing mechanism. The hopper also comprises a lockable storeroom for secure storage of spare parts. It features two extendable hopper sides (operated by hand winches). These extend the total grab discharge area to 4.5 x 5 meters. CONTACT US

Our Full Range of Bagging Equipment

Nectar offers a comprehensive range of bagging equipment, which can be customized to your requirements.Ideal for dry, free flowing, non-bridging commodities, our award-winning machinery provide unbeatable weight accuracy. They are fitted and manufactured to adhere to the strictest European safety standards

Compac M140

Our most iconic machine can achieve speed up to 140 MT/hour for 50 kg bags.

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Compac XL 120

Our increasingly demanding equipment is able to achieve speeds of 120 MT/hour for 1000 kg bags.

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Impac M60

Single line 50 Kg bagging machine

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Impac XL60

Single line 1 tonne bagging machine

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Compac Hopper

Compac containerised hopper in a 20 ft ISO container. Suitable for use with grabs

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Conveyor Hopper

Ideal for warehouse use, the conveyor hopper can be fed using feed conveyor.

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Impac Hopper

Impac Hopper can be used in conjunction with our Impac range and fits above our 10 ft container.

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Customized Hopper

Nectar can  design a hopper to match your specifications and offer you a tailor made solution.

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