Nectar Group offers dry bulk handling services throughout the world, from quayside bagging services, bulk discharge services using grabs to equipment hire and pneumatic discharge services.

The Nectar equipment has been designed and built specifically to handle all bulk products that are free flowing and have a particle size no bigger than 50mm. The following products are most commonly handled with the Compac M140/Impac M60 and Compac XL120 machines:


GRAINS - Wheat, Soya Bean Meal, Rice, Peas, Maize

OTHERS - Sugar, Animal Feed, Wood pellets, Soda Ash

YES! Nectar bag around 2 million tonnes of cargo a year for clients around the world. Whatever your location we would be happy to discuss a service contract to help you run your equipment. There are a number of different types of service contract that we can provide ranging from one off operations to running entire terminals on your behalf. Please visit the Contact Us page to get in touch.

The throughput is highly dependent on external factors such as how fast the product is loaded into the hoppers and how free flowing it is, the staff working on the machine and the speed at which the full bags are taken away after bagging. When we provide a service contract we even offer a Guaranteed bagging speed. The design speeds of the various machines are given below.

Impac M60: 60 tonnes per hour (20 x 50kg bags per minute)

Impac XL60: 60 tonnes per hour (1 x 1,000kg bag per minute)

Compac M140: up to 140 tonnes per hour (46 x 50kg bags per minute)

Compac XL120: up to 120 tonnes per hour (2 x 1,000kg bags per minute)

All of Nectar’s Bagging Machines are Dutch Weights and Measures Certified to +/- 0.5% tolerance meaning a very accurately weighed bag and very happy clients!

The Compac range has been designed specifically for use within a port on a quayside. The unit has been designed to withstand a fully loaded grab fall on top of it and protect all those working within making it truly indestructible. With quayside operations in mind they have been made fully mobile thus making them extremely versatile. With various hoppers available the machine can be installed within a warehouse or even connected up to a silo if needed.

The Impac range has been designed to operate within small spaces and therefore is not suitable for quayside operations but is perfectly sized at just 10' x 8' x 8.6' for locations where floorspace is at a premium. They are also easily manoeuvrable by forklift or with the Nectar Wheels sets.

Nectar equipment is operated all over the world in varying weather conditions and temperatures. To see a list of where Nectar has operated their equipment visit the Locations page or Contact Us for further information.

Ultimately the equipment can operate in most conditions and the main limiting factor is the cargo that is being bagged. For example some fertilisers are extremely hydroscopic and can absorb moisture in the air and become caked. Please contact us if you would like to speak to us on this subject.

There is no answer to this question as some of the first bagging machines ever produced are still in operation today. Provided proper maintenance is provided and regular cleaning is maintained you can expect the equipment to last for decades, not just years.

Nectar provide an extensive After-sales service for all equipment. Visit the Parts & Maintenance page for more details.

There are a number of ways that Nectar's equipment offers value for money.

  1. Nectar designed their own equipment for their own operations after years of testing. Everything is built to last for a long time meaning that the cost per year of operation is reduced.
  2. You are not only buying a machine. You are buying in to Nectar's extensive knowledge of the equipment and will have the support of Nectar to troubleshoot any issues in the unlikely event that they occur.
  3. The name Nectar has become synonymous with quality around the world. You can rest assured that you have invested in perhaps the most advanced and technically superior equipment available in the mobile bagging systems market.
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