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We are world-class terminal operators, cargo handling specialist and port services providers with global reach

This year marks a very special year for Nectar Group as we proudly celebrate our 50th anniversary.  Nectar’s journey started in 1972, providing ship agency and broking services, prior to revolutionising the handling of dry bulk commodities with our first mobile bagging systems. Discover who we are, our expert team, accolades and history. 


Company Profile

Our market leading products and services transform supply chains

Combining an advanced and flexible fleet of bulk handling equipment with technically skilled, well trained and experienced field personnel, Nectar delivers exceptional levels of bespoke and value added services to its diverse worldwide customer base.

Our Vision

Global recognition as a world-class terminal operator, cargo handling specialist and port services provider.

Ethical and Fair Growth of Trade

We will endeavour to contribute to the ethical and fair growth of trade by creating an organization and culture wherein people “think and plan globally, but act locally.” We will maintain a high level of appreciation of all cultures and are committed to contribute to the development of markets and communities in which we operate.

World-Class Service

Provide reliable, cost-competitive services with the goal of maximizing customer satisfaction and providing a world-class service.

Customer Expectations

Maximize customer satisfaction by understanding customer needs and consistently exceeding customer expectations.

Work Environment

Develop an equitable, diverse and rewarding work environment that fosters teamwork and encourages employees to develop and be successful.

Board Of Directors

You can rely on us to consistently deliver to the highest standard. Supported by senior management team, our dedicated local team of experts will work closely with you in a transparent and collaborative way throughout your project and beyond.

Guy Wilkes Director

Guy Wilkes

Commercial & Business Development Director

Guy joined the Group in 2003 and is responsible for…

Han Ozturk Director Nectar Group

Han Ozturk

Operational & Technical Director

With over 38 years’ experience in the shipping and maritime…

Chris Boughton Director Nectar Group

Christopher Boughton

Managing Director

Chris joined the Group in 1999 originally as Financial Director…

Our Senior Team

Our team is passionate about anticipating the Group's future needs and developing our Nectar mission and vision

We pride ourselves on our outstanding H&S record, project management and terminal capabilities.

Nick Lennon

Group Engineering & Operations Manager

Nectar Group is pleased to announce Nick Lennon as the…

Julie Walllin

Senior Management Accountant

Nectar Group is pleased to announce Julie Wallin as the…

Andrea Hemming

World Wide Bagging (WWB) General Manager

We are pleased to announce that Andrea Hemming has been…

Nicola Dewar

Chief HR Officer

Nikki joined Nectar in 2011, originally as part of the…

Glyn Mason

Chief Operations Officer

Glyn has recently been appointed Chief Operations Officer for the…

Jean-Paul Ellul

Chief Finance Officer

Jean-Paul became a member of the Association of Certified Chartered…

Nectar Group Values

Find below our core values which are integral part of our work ethics.



We are dedicated to our People

Frequently at the forefront of innovation and performance, Nectar has been honoured with several awards in recognition of our contribution to the industry and to its dedicated employees.

Nectar Group have been awarded Silver accreditation against the Investors in People Standard, demonstrating their commitment to realising the potential of their people.

Investors in People is the international standard for people management, defining what it takes to lead, support and manage people effectively to achieve sustainable results. Underpinning the Standard is the Investors in People framework, reflecting the latest workplace trends, essential skills and effective structures required to outperform in any industry. Working with clients across the globe, Investors in People enables organisations to benchmark against the best in the business on an international scale.

Paul Devoy, Head of Investors in People, said: “We’d like to congratulate Nectar Group Ltd, Investors in People accreditation is the sign of a great employer, and an organisation committed to achieving success by realising the potential of their people. Nectar  should be extremely proud of their achievement.”

"Many congratulations to the whole team! There is no better time to thank you for your contribution and dedication as an employee of Nectar Group and we hope you are as pleased with this result as we are."

Managing Director - Christopher Boughton

International Bulk Journal – The prestigious IBJ awards are held yearly and honour companies that have provided a noticeable contribution to the Dry Bulk Handling industry.

In recent years, Nectar Group has received four separate awards from the IBJ. Recognising our notable contributions to the industry which range from the improved efficiency produced by our Mobile Bagging concept, and the exceptional high standard of Coal Terminal Operations provided by Nectar oversees in East Africa.

  • 2016 – Best Dry Bulk Port
  • 2013 – Bulk Specialist Dry Bulk Port or Terminal
  • 2012 – Best Ship Loading/Unloading System
  • 2010 – Bulk Logistics Excellence Awards

In 2014 the Group achieved an impressive 12th place in the United Kingdom’s ‘Profit Track 100’ placing it in the top 10 growth companies in the UK.


In 2014 the Group achieved an impressive 12th place in the United Kingdom’s ‘Profit Track 100’ placing it in the top 10 growth companies in the UK.

EST. 1972


Half a century in business is a great source of pride and accomplishment; and it is the dedication and motivation of our international team that has been the catalyst to make this happen. We proudly mark this milestone with our new Nectar Group slogan ‘Celebrating the Past, Inspiring the future’. Discover our remarkable journey through the decades...


Nectar’s journey started in 1972, providing ship agency and broking services, prior to revolutionising the handling of dry bulk commodities with our first mobile bagging systems.


Nectar arranged and managed numerous specialist projects including the delivery of 1,000 railway carriages from UK to Africa. As well as delivering oil platform components to the North Sea, increasing the handling of cargoes in East Africa. 


Throughout the 1980s Nectar developed a unique mobile
bagging system that went on to provide huge savings for clients.

80s History Timeline


During the 1990s the Group worked closely with Aid agencies such as WFP and USAID providing quayside operations around the world. Established a permanent presence in Mozambique handling bulk cargoes. The 90s saw the launch of second-generation machines COMPAC 140TM

90s history timeline


Nectar established a permanent presence in many locations including Iraq, West Africa and Cuba.


Nectar creates new operations in Beira ‘Nectar Coal Handling Mozambique’. 2015 saw Nectar manage QE II terminal in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  Providing significant investments and successfully improving operational capability of the port.  Nectar develops NSBT – Nectar Sierra Leone Bulk Terminals. Additionally, a new joint venture is established between Seasia Logistics Philippines Inc. and Nectar, creating a new multipurpose terminal in Bataan, Manila Bay in 2016.


Today, Nectar handles over 10 Million tons per annum across a range of services in multiple regions and is one of the fastest growing UK companies. This year marks a very special year for Nectar Group as we proudly celebrate our 50th anniversary.

Thank you to everyone who helped us to get to where we are today, and to those who are and will be part of our future.

Nectar Group Directors

World's First Mobile Baggin System - MOPACK™

In the early 1980s, Nectar revolutionised the bulk commodities handling industry at developing ports around the world when it invented and launched the world’s first mobile bagging system.

The first generation of Nectar mobile bagging equipment named the MOPACK™, transformed how cargoes were handled in developing countries. The mobile bagging concept was a totally new concept as the bagging equipment was especially designed to work alongside the vessel on the quayside. This improved the discharge and distribution of bulk cargoes in ports where facilities were not available and opened up the market to support cost efficient bulk shipments.

Over its 50 year history of delivering high class professional bulk handling services and solutions to clients, Nectar has developed important strategic relationships and specialist knowledge of port infrastructure across the world, enabling the Group to gain early insights into projects and capitalise on a diverse range of opportunities as and when they arise.

In 1996, the second generation machine COMPAC 140™ was tested in the market and launched successfully. The updated Compac 140™ contained the state of the art bagging technology for a faster and more accurate bagging system whilst maintaining the mobile aspect of the previous model as the machine is contained within the confines of an ISO standard 20’ Container. The Group's latest machine range is an evolution of the COMPAC 140™. Over the past 5 years, constant product development and innovation has seen the introduction of no less than 10 different configurations, ranging from mobile warehouse bagging machines through to mobile quayside machines that are designed for a variety of bag sizes.

Nectar has come a long way over the last 50 years through a process of client, commodity, and geographical diversification, as well as expanding our service capabilities. We have developed numerous long-term strategic relationships and a specialist knowledge of ports across the world, allowing us to excel and capitalise on a diverse range of opportunities as they arise.

Staying true to our heritage, Nectar Group is looking toward a strong and sustainable future, reimagining the possibilities ahead as we continue to build lasting relationships for many years to come.  We are pleased to be celebrating our past, as we mark 50 strong years. 

Nectar Group Logos Historical
Our Brand - Why the Hummingbird

The Hummingbird logo has featured as Nectar’s Logo for over 4 decades.

Hummingbirds are among the smallest of birds some being only three inches tall and weighing the same as a penny. They have little control of their surroundings but have the capability to respond to changes making it able to survive in the most challenging of environments.

Able to perform intricate aerial feats unlike any other bird, the hummingbird can hover in mid-air, pivot on an axis, fly sideways, and even fly upside down as well as flying backwards. A hummingbird stores up energy for long trips and slows its heart and breathing rates to accommodate long journeys. It must always prepare itself and remain capable of performing as it travels.

Hummingbirds are extremely resourceful. They migrate in the winter, flying as far as Alaska to Mexico. Often winds or severe weather can blow them off course due to their small size but due to their flexibility and determination they have the capability to carefully navigate weather patterns to stay on their path. Like the unique hummingbird, Nectar responds quickly, showing flexibility and determination, responding to changes and surviving in the most challenging of environments.

Discover our Journey

Read more about our unique Nectar history, heritage, progress and plans for the future; as we proudly celebrate 50 strong years.