Health & Safety

Nectar Group’s ultimate aim is zero accidents

Nectar Group strongly believes in making all their operations as safe and accident free as they possibly can, and they continue to strive towards reducing accidents and incidents wherever possible.

Safety at work

Our Policy

Striving for zero accidents

The Nectar Group continually review the accidents and incidents, with a view to understanding the causes, and attempting to reduce the frequency and instances of re-occurrence.


Nectar Group Health & Safety

Safe Working Practises

Nectar Group also place a great emphasis on reducing the potential environmental impact of our operations.

Nectar Group strives to ensure that everything is done to employ safe working practises, and minimise any impact to the local environment.

Nectar’s equipment is manufactured in such a way that there are not any parts or substances which will deteriorate and cause environmental impact during the lifetime of the machines. Our units are also 98 % recyclable.

Field personnel are required to conduct regular risk assessment exercises to highlight any hazards, and implement suitable safety controls to minimise the risk of injury, equipment damage and environmental impact on all their operations.

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