Supporting your all bulk handling needs

The scope of projects Nectar cover ranges  from providing improvements to existing bulk handling equipment and facilities to the development of brand new sites.

Consultancy Scope

Nectar Group employees come from a variety of backgrounds within the transport, logistics and engineering sectors and have successfully managed and implemented logistics and engineering projects around the world.

All Nectar senior executives have many years of experience working for major public and private companies in a wide range of functions in the ports and shipping industry.

This very broad experience gives the group  a strong foundation on which to develop sound and workable solutions to a wide range of problems.

Independent analysis & reporting

Being independent, Nectar is able to provide impartial input to the development and execution of port and marine transport projects, thus securing the optimum benefit for clients, and can ensure that advice and recommendations are tailored to suit specific objectives.

Terminal Design

Nectar offers: Full Conception and Design Services | Installation and Commissioning | Tailor Made Solutions | Full After Sales Support

  • Design and supervision of flat storage terminals.
  • Design and supervision of intake and bulk storage systems.
  • Design and manufacture of complete mechanical conveying systems or "one off" conveying equipment such as belt conveyors, tubular conveyors and "U" trough conveyors.
  • Design and installation supervision of conveyors for pile loading, bag and bulk handling with/without weighing systems.
  • Expert independent advice for ship unloading capacity improvement projects including assistance in tendering and evaluation of alternatives, follow through to full implementation.
  • Design and installation of various mobile multipack, blender and bagging equipment.
  • Design and supervision of bagging facilities.
  • Design and manufacture of steel machinery platforms, mezzanine floors, gantries, walkways and ladders.
  • Maintenance, modification or periodic technical inspection of bagging plants/installations.
  • Design of specific bulk weighing systems for silo or warehouse operations.

Turnkey Projects

Nectar aims to provide customised independent Turnkey Project Management solutions for projects involving bulk handling / storage facilities and terminals.

  • Turnkey Packing Systems
  • Integrated materials handling, conveying and packing installations including automatic bagging machines and valve bag filling equipment
  • In Plant handling and Processing
  • Bulk Material Handling Systems covering full range from quayside cargo handling systems to shore storage and handling facilities

We can provide a scope of services in above areas and manage the whole project covering design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning. The projects range from design and development of new facilities as well as capacity / productivity improvement and renovation of existing facilities.

As an independent service provider with an extensive knowledge and experience of manufacturers and suppliers in the market, we can provide you with peace of mind during all stages of your project.

Monetization Solutions

Nectar Group can handle all aspects of the monetization, importation and logistical process, including

  • Tender Issuance
  • Buyer review and selection
  • Terms of sale
  • Buyer payment assistance
  • Letters of Credit management
  • Vessel arrival and discharge activities
  • Sales contracts
  • Assuring complete documentation in accordance with US Government reporting and management requirements
  • Market assessment and predicted / estimated pricing
  • Access to qualified consultants and US based firms when required
  • Competitive rates

Our Full Services Range

Discover our full services range based on years of experience.

Logistics & Warehousing

Depending on locations, Nectar is able to provide end to end logistics or one off services such as warehousing or trucking.


Nectar Group's in-house design team, engineers and commercial staff are available to work on various consultancy projects in bulk cargo handling. 

Bagging Services

Nectar is the leading company in providing both spot bagging services and long term contracts with over 45 years experience.

Bulk Discharge

Nectar Group has been an active player in the bulk discharge industry for many years. It has a fleet of bulk discharge equipment available for rental.

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