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Nectar Mozambique celebrates International Children’s Day 30/06/17

Nectar Mozambique celebrates International Children’s Day

In celebration of International Children’s Day, Nectar Mozambique organized a special, fun-filled day for the children of the Group’s workforce.

A total number of 74 children were given the opportunity to visit International Airport of Beira and the Avicena Clinic.
The children were taken on a tour of the airport; on the tour, they made a stop at the airport Fire Station section, where they were given a presentation on fire fighting. They also got the chance to watch a Fire Truck in action.


Whilst at the airport, the Children had the pleasure of meeting a pilot, who kindly let them onto his aircraft called Safari 1. The kind pilot allowed the Children into the cockpit of the aircraft, and showed them the aircraft controls for take-off and landing.


The next stop on their adventure was the Avicena Clinic, where a Specialist Doctor gave the children a presentation on dental hygiene and healthy eating.

nec moz clinic 

The final stop on the trip was Jardim do Bacalhau (a children’s playground), where the Children were treated to a special lunch and fun entertainment.


The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and overall it was a successful day, leaving the children inspired about the different career options open to them.

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