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Job Overview:

Job Details

Title: Technical Manager

Sector: Dry Bulk Ports & Logistics

Location: Beira, Mozambique

Position Type: Full Time/Permanent

Reporting To: General Manager / Group Maintenance Manager


  • First line management position required for Effective management and oversight of preventative and corrective maintenance services and technical assistance relating to Cranes Equipment and Bulk Handling Equipment. Responsibilities are as set out under the contract with Cornelder de Mocambique Ltda and in accordance with strategic objectives of the company

Areas of Responsibility


  • Oversee all activities of the technical team. Ensure compliance with all contractual obligations and KPI’s. Establish and maintain strong client relationship.
  • Project planning and management in consultation with the client.
  • Provide transparent and regular reporting to NML GM & Nectar Head Office.
  • Collaborate closely and regularly with client representatives to ensure that operational and maintenance activities are planned in coordination.
  • Implement and run an efficient preventative maintenance system including appropriate records as required.

Equipment Maintenance

  • Plan and coordinate implementation of preventative maintenance program as appropriate on all the equipment. Review PM program on an ongoing basis. Make recommendations for line with contract
  • Monitor and supervise corrective maintenance activities on the equipment. Provide input and guidance where necessary.
  • Plan and supervise breakdown repairs where necessary and assist the team to provide detailed root cause analysis reports including recommendations to prevent future breakdowns.
  • Maintain records of maintenance activities and breakdowns in accordance with agreed KPI’s, prepare regular reports as required. Identify any shortfalls and take necessary action to prevent re-occurrence.
  • Continuously evaluate existing maintenance methods, materials, and strategies, identify shortfalls, and provide recommendations for improvements.

Equipment & Stock Management

  • Plan and implement a management system to control the issuance of tools and equipment owned by Nectar. Advise and recommend special equipment requirements to effectively cater for each type of asset under our management, with details to be reported to CDM
  • Plan and monitor consumable items requirement and arrange purchases in liaison with the technical team following authorisation from client.

Personal & Team Safety

  • Set standard of behaviour through personal example for safety and professionalism.
  • Ensure full compliance with PPE and safety measures established in the terminal by all members of the maintenance team.
  • Maintain housekeeping standard throughout the workshop and terminal.

Liaise with the HSE supervisor to:

  • Investigate any accidents & incidents and implement actions to prevent re-occurrence.
  • Provide technical personnel with training where necessary regarding safe and appropriate use of equipment and tools and correct methods of use of these items.
  •  Carry out periodic risk assessment audits to identify high risk areas and activities then apply appropriate controls to limit the risk.
  • Carry out Safety Training of the Personnel and maintain a constant dialog with the team members including feedback from them. And carry out regular safety workshops with the team.

Environmental Performance

  • Ensure that the environmental impact of any maintenance activities carried out within the terminal are minimized.
  • Ensure proper treatment of any waste products within environmentally acceptable methods in line with best industry practice and our contractual obligations.


  • Plan optimum and effective utilisation of resources including personnel allocation within the terminal ensuring
  • Provide leadership and guidance to all Line reports to enhance their individual and team productivity with overall accountability for the performance of the entire department
  • In collaboration with Human Resources dept, set up and implement trainee and apprenticeship program and monitor/report accordingly.
  • Ensure that the departmental structure of the technical team is fit for purpose and that all roles and responsibilities are relevant to the needs and demands of NML and that all performance indicators / measures are clearly communicated to all team members.
  • Conduct annual staff appraisals, setting objectives and monitoring progression through half-yearly reviews. 
  • Ensures that all line report performance is adequately managed with development plans in place for growth, talent management, relevant training succession planning.
  • Build a team of motivated, innovative, and productive team members.
  • Motivate, coach, train and continuously set and review training and KPIs for line Reports
  • In collaboration with the Human Resources Manager, participate in the recruitment, performance monitoring, team motivation, and support of personal development of technical team members. 
  • Enforce and monitor the equipment inspection methods and ensure that these are in line with specific maintenance schedules and objectives
  • Supervise and evaluate the quality and efficiency of works performed by the technical supervisors and electricians through regular inspections of work and reviewing daily work reports

Skills, Experience & Qualifications


  • Detailed knowledge of computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS)
  • Detailed knowledge of container terminal and bulk handling equipment.

Qualifications / Skills

  • A degree or high-level qualification in a relevant engineering field.
  • Strong computer literacy including use of Microsoft and CMMS software.
  • Ability to work to multiple deadlines for planning and execution of maintenance activities.
  • Ability to think laterally and apply engineering knowledge in practical terms
  • A thorough understanding of industry standard safety regulations.
  • Focused on training and development.


  • Minimum 3 years of previous experience in a similar capacity.
  • Experience of managing teams successfully.

Preferred Requirements

  • Previous experience in a similar role in Africa.
  • Ability to understand and speak Portuguese.
  • Ability to operate electrical diagnostic equipment
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Good communication skills; both oral and written,
  • Must be a strong team player
  • Critical thinking and Judgement skills, Problem Solving/Analysis,
  • Deadline Oriented, reliable and ability to deal with Uncertainty calmly
  • High level of emotional Intelligence, Integrity, Professionalism
  • Fluency or strong command of spoken and written business English (essential) with a good comprehension of Portuguese (desirable).

We seek to be an ethical & progressive employer which encourages a culture of openness, creativity & continuous professional development which rewards the effectiveness & loyalty of employees.

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