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Nectar was established in 1972. In the early 1980s, Nectar revolutionised the bulk commodities handling industry at developing ports around the world when it invented and launched the world’s first mobile bagging system.

The first generation of Nectar mobile bagging equipment named the MOPACK™, transformed how cargoes were handled in developing countries. The mobile bagging concept was a totally new concept as the bagging equipment was especially designed to work alongside the vessel on the quayside.  This improved the discharge and distribution of bulk cargoes in ports where facilities were not available and opened up the market to support cost efficient bulk shipments.

Over its 40 year history of delivering high class professional bulk handling services and solutions to clients, Nectar has developed important strategic relationships and specialist knowledge of port infrastructure across the world, enabling the Group to gain early insights into projects and capitalise on a diverse range of opportunities as and when they arise.

In 1996, the second generation machine COMPAC 140™ was tested in the market and launched successfully. The updated Compac 140™ contained the state of the art bagging technology for a faster and more accurate bagging system whilst maintaining the mobile aspect of the previous model as the machine is contained within the confines of an ISO standard 20’ Container. The Groups latest machine range is an evolution of the COMPAC 140™. Over the past 5 years constant product development and innovation has seen the introduction of no less than 10 different configurations, ranging from mobile warehouse bagging machines through to mobile quayside machines that are designed for a variety of bag sizes.