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Bulk Hoppers

Nectar Groups latest development to be introduced into their equipment portfolio is the revolutionary ‘Modular Bulk Hopper’ (UK Patent Application Number 1406035.4) that consists of 2 x 20ft ISO containers and 1 x 40ft ISO container to create a fully functioning Large Bulk Hopper for standard use with most free flowing bulk commodities. The entire assembly can be erected on the quayside in under an hour by Nectar Group trained personnel and a single forklift truck, Reach Stacker or Container Crane with relative ease making it suitable for use in most locations where the equipment is required.

Nectar has discovered that by increasing the mobility of bulk handling equipment they increase the number of locations that can benefit from the utilisation of the equipment. Bulk hoppers are often seen lingering on quaysides waiting for their next opportunity to be used taking up increasingly valuable space within the port. With containerised hoppers the equipment can be broken down swiftly and trucked to storage areas outside of the port for convenient storage until they are required again. Alternatively they can be containerised and lifted onto the vessel with standard container lifting equipment or the vessel’s gear and shipped to the next port of call where they can be set up and used in the same way.

The Modular Bulk Hopper standards of safety and structural integrity have not been reduced either with the hopper frame made from SS400 Steel as any standard Large Bulk Hopper with the integrated valve mechanisms manufactured from high grade stainless steel and Teflon lined blade guides for increased control of discharge. The Hopper allows trucks with a maximum height of 4 meters to be loaded with cargo that has been discharged into the hoppers directly from the ship’s holds with grabs.