Equipment starts to arrive at SNPSI Terminal ‘MBT’ in the Philippine

The first Materials Handler is due to arrive at the Mariveles Bulk Terminal in Bataan, The Philippines, in the coming days.

A Terex Fuchs MHL 885D is to be the first piece of cargo handling equipment to arrive on site at the SNPSI Mariveles Bulk Terminal in Bataan, The Philippines. The MHL 885D is going to be just one of three materials handlers on site once operations start within Q1 2016. The equipment provides the terminal with a high level of flexibility by providing a handling solution for almost all bulk products. The equipment is due to arrive within days and will be commissioned in time for the first operations to start within weeks.

The terminal, once complete will be providing a gateway for Clinker and Coal into Bataan with Steel also planned to eventually be handled through the terminal. 

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