Nectar Senegal Launch

Nectar Group announces, new permanent location in Senegal

Nectar Group has steadily been expanding its number of permanent residences in West Africa, and we excitedly announce our latest permanent residence: Nectar Senegal.We have increased the number of Bulk Handling and Bagging Operation permanent residences we have in West Africa, with the launch of Nectar Senegal.

Nectar Senegal began operations at the start of this month, and joins the group’s other West African permanent locations: Nectar Sierra Leone Bulk Terminal and Nectar Ghana.

Nectar Senegal is equipped to offer Mobile Bagging & Bulk Handling solutions, and also offers Port Consultancy. 

Nectar Group has made an investment into Senegal’s development by opening Nectar Senegal, and we are excited at the new prospects Nectar Senegal offers.

To find out more information on Nectar Senegal, contact our commercial team:

+44 1708 386 555

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