World Bank Ranks Beira Port as the Most Efficient in Southern Africa

Exciting Announcement by Container Port Performance Index – CPPI 

This global report is produced by the World Bank and ranks ports based on a statistical approach, incorporating ship waiting time in port. In 2021, a total of 370 worldwide ports were assessed. The rating carefully ranks a variety of factors such as efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. 

The Port of Beira’s strong performance is a result of the significant investment in skilled human resources, infrastructure, equipment, and systems. Working in collaboration with port stakeholders, suppliers, service partners and the regional authorities is making the Beira Corridor increasingly efficient.

“Proud of everyone in our organisation as well as all customers, suppliers and other stakeholders on the Beira Corridor that work together to make the Port and the Corridor increasingly efficient.”

Jan Laurens De Vries – CEO at Cornelder de Moçambique (Concessionaire of Beira Port) commented.

Nectar Group and Nectar Mozambique is pleased to work together with Cornelder de Moçambique to deliver a full maintenance service to the Beira port including the multi-purpose container terminal and general cargo. 

“Nectar Group would like to send our congratulations to the management and personnel of Cornelder de Mocambique for their excellent and well-deserved achievement of Beira Port being recognised as the Most Efficient Port in Southern Africa. Nectar Mozambique Ltda. has provided port equipment maintenance services to Cornelder de Mocambique in Beira Port for over 20 years, and we are proud to have contributed to the great improvements in port efficiency achieved in recent years.”

Nectar Group Managing Director, Chris Boughton commented

Nectar’s dedicated team of experienced technicians monitor and service the Port’s equipment, taking pre-emptive or remedial actions to ensure guaranteed levels of availability and the highest standard of efficiency. In addition to maintenance capabilities, our local teams provide consultancy and procurement of parts from global suppliers, ensuring minimum downtime.

We extend our congratulations to all parties involved in contributing to the increasing efficiency, dedicated development, and future growth of the Beira Corridor. 

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