Nectar Team participates in LÉGUA DA BEIRA in Mozambique

Part of Cornelder de Moçambique’s Anniversary Celebations

Nectar Group employees were pleased to take part in the Cornelder de Moçambique’s 5th Légua da Beira – Beira City Run “The biggest sports event in Mozambique”.  

As part of the larger 25th anniversary celebrations for the Cornelder de Moçambique, this year’s event saw full capacity with around 3,500 participants. 

We are proud to mention that our very own Gerson Nhendo, came in 4th place in the Port Employees category (with an amazing record of 33mins).  Along with 20 employees from Nectar Mozambique, Nectar Group’s Director Chris Boughton and Jack Hampson from the UK also took part in this athletics competition, covering a course of 7.2km. Amazing job to all those who participated.  

We thank the Cornelder de Moçambique for the wonderful 25th Anniversary events and festivities.  An experience that will be remembered by the people of Beira and the entire port community.  

Nectar Mozambique

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