Nectar Group Proudly Supports ‘Trees for Life’ – Rewilding the Scottish Highlands

Through this sustainability initiative and partnership with Office Angels, the Group contributes to revitalising wild forests in the Highlands of Scotland, providing space for wildlife to flourish and communities to thrive. One small tree at a time. Trees for Life has collaborated with businesses, local communities, and supporters for almost 30 years to help rewild and create nature-rich landscapes that include and support people. 

Nectar is proud to take a stand on environmental issues and support forest restoration. We are working towards embracing pragmatic and sustainable solutions in everything we do. Adopting practical solutions safeguards our efforts and ensures a resilient future for our initiatives.

Trees for Life 

Nectar Group Initiatives 

Nectar Group is proud to integrate our social values initiatives throughout our global operations, by supporting the communities where we live and work. We play an active role in the communities in which we operate, helping to deliver social value commitments not only for ourselves but also for our customers and localities. 

Our global colleagues are encouraged to work with us to support local causes, care for the environment, volunteer and make a difference. 

Nectar Group is pleased to partner with Office Angels.