Mobile Bagging


Nectar Group at Geneva Dry 2024

Nectar Group Joins the World’s Premier Commodities Shipping Conference – Geneva Dry

Last Week Nectar Group attended Geneva Dry. Geneva Dry brings together all elements of the commodities shipping sector to host the...
New Video Clips - Have a look inside COMPAC M140

Latest Video – Inside COMPAC M140 Bagging & Stitching

Discover the benefits of COMPAC M140 – Your solution for dry bulk mobile bagging. The popular COMPAC M140 offers proven agility, durability,...
Newly comissioned COMPAC April 2024

Another COMPAC M140 mobile bagging machine is ready for delivery

Nectar Group is pleased to share another recently commissioned bagging unit.  Our popular COMPAC M140 offers proven agility, durability, and efficiency. The robust machinery...
on demand bagging operations

Bulk Handling Operations In Action – Mobile Bagging with Nectar Group

Nectar Group is pleased to share another recent dry bulk mobile bagging operation in South America. Our trusted and reliable COMPAC M140 offers...
Rental Op_Nectar Post_2023

Equipment Rental Opportunities

Leaders in Bulk Handling, Rentals & Mobile Bagging Services  In today’s rapidly changing shipping environment, spot rentals have seen a...