Nectar Group Joins the World’s Premier Commodities Shipping Conference – Geneva Dry

Last Week Nectar Group attended Geneva Dry. Geneva Dry brings together all elements of the commodities shipping sector to host the ultimate dry bulk shipping event. 

First and foremost, thank you to the organisers in the dry bulk community in Geneva for a great event and continued focus and commitment to a more sustainable dry bulk sector. Presentations and conversations included:

  • How Dry Bulk Owners/Operators are seeing and promoting Digital Efficiency
  • How Lloyd’s Register is managing to perform remote surveys using advances in connectivity
  • Maritime Digitalisation & Improved Communications 

It was wonderful to meet old and new connections and to gather the latest knowledge, opinions, and networking.  We lookforward to future collaborations and continuing to drive efficiency in handling dry bulk cargo. 

Nectar Group helps clients around the world with:

* Equipment Sales (Specialist Bulk Handling & Mobile Bagging) 
* Bagging Equipment, Bulk Hoppers, Grabs, Steel Wire Ropes 
* Port Operations & Management
* Bulk Handling Services 
* Bagging Services (Quayside & Warehouse) 
* Ship-to-Ship Transfers
* Equipment Maintenance 
* Logistics & Warehousing 

Need support – Contact Jack and Conrad who attended the event last week.
Or contact the head office for more information.  (+44) 1708 386555

Thank you to all our new connections, don’t forget to reach out.  

Jack and Conrad at Geneva Dry - Nectar Group 2024