Building a Better Green Environment Through Tree Planting in Beira City, Mozambique

Nectar Mozambique recently participated in the ‘Beira Verde Movement’ to assist with the programme to re-plant trees around the city and the local community.  This ambitious green urban initiative is now in its 5th phase to reforest the city with 30,000 trees.  We are pleased to announce that members of our team were out in full force to help boost this conservation enterprise.   

Besides raising awareness among the local community about the importance of trees and the ‘Beira Verde Movement’, the team have been transporting trees, digging holes, planting and watering.  

Making Beira a More Resilient City 

Beira has been named one of the world’s cities most threatened by climate change. Many green spaces and trees were destroyed following Tropical Cyclone Idai and Kenneth in 2019. Beira is now combining innovative green approaches and conventional grey infrastructure to protect residents and assets from climate hazards while enhancing ecosystems and services.

Nectar Group Initiatives 

Nectar Group is proud to integrate our social values initiatives throughout our global operations, by supporting the communities where we live and work. We play an active role in the communities in which we operate, helping to deliver social value commitments not only for ourselves, but also for our customers and localities. 

Our global colleagues are encouraged to work with us to support local causes, care for the environment, volunteer and make a difference. Nectar Mozambique continues to collaborate with organisations such as Beira Verde Movement to fight climate change and improve the local community.  

Well done to everyone involved and thank you for being a #climatechanger.

Beira Verde Movement’ - Tree Planting 3