Nectar Cargo Handling Belgium Completes Inaugural Operation in Port Oostende

Successful Completion of First Operation 

Nectar Cargo Handling Belgium is pleased to announce our very first operation in Port Oostende.  Our dedicated team discharged wind turbine blades and steel tower sections for an onshore wind farm. 

Nectar Group’s Operational and Technical Director – Han Ozturk commented, “We are very pleased that we have handled our first consignment well ahead of our planned start up schedule with success in Oostende. We have great support from the port and building relationships with regional partners and clients keen to take advantage of the services we are offering. We look forward to the growth of our safe, professional and client focused services in the coming months.”

This new ambitious collaboration in Oostende is well underway, with a busy upcoming schedule of steel tubing shipments.  Nectar Group are occupying the outer port with cutting-edge handling equipment including mobile harbour crane to effectively load and unload vessels. We are focused on delivering innovation with time-reducing LOLO (lift on/lift off) activities for breakbulk cargo, creating opportunities for new maritime traffic to the locality.  Nectar’s mobile port crane has lift capacity of 125 tonnes, accommodating all heavy lifting requirements. 

James Luther (BDM) Nectar Group added, “So much hard work has gone in to setting everything up for us to arrive at this point, two weeks ahead of schedule. It’s a huge achievement that we should all be proud of! Thank you to everyone involved directly and indirectly. I’m sure we are going to do very well in Oostende with the usual Nectar spirit.”

Nectar Group is honoured to be partnering with Port Oostende and are fully committed to supporting and promoting new technologies and sustainability, as we jointly drive innovation in our industry.  We extend a big thank you to all our partners at Port Oostende for the great media coverage.