NSBT Community Involvement | Building a Brighter Future for Local Freetown Schools

At Nectar Group and NSBT (Nectar Sierra Leone Bulk Terminal), we are passionate about putting education first, helping our local community and improving the conditions of our local schools. Our brilliant team at NSBT recently took to the local area to help refurbish a Freetown school to make the environment clean, comfortable, and equipped for learning. The team refurbished and painted three classroom interiors as well as provided new school benches and tables.  

Nectar Group is fully committed to being an active global citizen, socially responsible and environmentally conscious company. We seek to create a positive impact on the environment in which we work and make a significant difference across communities, in the workplace and beyond.  We extend a big congratulations and thank you to our NSBT team for their time, dedication, and support as we help schools reach their potential, empower children, and build a better future together for our community.  We extend a thank you to Shaun Naidoo and his team.

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