Regular Toolbox Talks and First Aid Refresher Training at NSBT

Regular Toolbox Talks and First Aid Refresher Training play a vital role in enhancing awareness among our workforce.

Our team at NSBT took part in various TBTs covering first aid, health awareness, enhancing workplace safety, slips, trips and falls and effective communication.  Toolbox Talks provide a platform for sharing experiences, concerns, and suggestions, encouraging open communication and collaboration. This inclusive approach empowers employees to actively contribute to maintaining a secure work environment.

At Nectar Group and NSBT – Safety is our Priority.  Nectar Group ensures full compliance with ISO45001 and has strict HSE regulations in place. 

At Nectar, we prioritise safety protocols, guidelines, and best practices

  • We ensure our organisation at all levels has the right mindset about health and safety. 
  • Educate our leaders on how to create a safer working environment 
  • Foster reliability through proactive learning and involve workers in all health and safety activities. 
  • Place safety first and build upon our organisational strengths.   

Your cargo is safe in our hands. Discover Nectar Group’s Capabilities and how we support port operations. 

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