Special operations with Vigan

Nectar Completes Special Heavylift Project with Vigan

Nectar Group is pleased to announce the recent completion of the heavyweight special project with Vigan. The Vigan pneumatic ship...

3rd Berth Expansion Underway in NSBT, Freetown Sierra Leone

With the expansion now underway, the project highlights comprise of the design and construction of a new deep-water berth of...

Nectar Develops Bulk Mineral Terminal on the Konta River, Guinea

Nectar Group was engaged as the main Operations & Maintenance Contractor at the newly developed river berth in Konta, Guinea...
Beira Terminal 3

Nectar Designs Beira Grain Terminal with 50,000 mts capacity

Nectar Group was responsible for the design of Beira Grain Terminal (Mozambique) and holds a shareholding in the terminal operations...
Phil terminal under construction

Development of Mariveles Terminal in Philippines

Location: Bataan, Manila Bay, Philippines Nectar Group was involved in the first dedicated bulk terminal in Philippines. An ambitious joint...

Beira Coal Terminal Sees Capacity Increase Over 20% Per Year

Nectar Group has been active in Mozambique ports since the 1980s, working in close collaboration with the Mozambique Port Authorities...