Nectar Develops Bulk Mineral Terminal on the Konta River, Guinea

Nectar Group was engaged as the main Operations & Maintenance Contractor at the newly developed river berth in Konta, Guinea to facilitate the handling of bauxite minerals. The project involves the export of bulk bauxite which is mined 200km from the river terminal, transported and stockpiled prior to loading onto 5-8,000 mt. capability barges to tranship onto 180,000 dwt. capacity capsize vessels.  

In addition to the procurement of new handling equipment; Nectar’s teams are responsible for the commissioning, operation and maintenance of the equipment. This location oversees the managing of truck discharging, storage and subsequent loading of barges up to 3 million tonnes per year. 

Nectar procured and invested in all the new handling equipment for the project, consisting of mobile stackers, conveyors and front end loaders. The bauxite is delivered onsite by truck and stacked by the Nectar team in the terminal. The mineral is subsequently moved to the loading pier by mobile stackers, hoppers and front end loaders. The company is pleased to be working at this exciting river terminal with our dedicated Nectar Bulk Handling Guinea team.

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