Coal Terminal

In managing a major coal terminal in Mozambique, Nectar has been responsible for all of the activities from the unloading of coal from train wagons up to loading of the vessels including maintenance of all terminal equipment.

Nectar introduced a number of efficiency improvements within the terminal since the start of cargo handling operations in December 2011. These improvements involved all major areas of handling coal including discharge, stacking, reclaiming and ship loading activities and have increased efficiencies in reclaiming coal from the stockpile by 230%.

Furthermore, additional enhancements were made by changing the material of the transfer towers to a non-stick, anti-resistance material which in turn reduced stoppages during ship loading time to almost nil.

The terminal, which incorporates International Best Practices, is able to load vessels at a rate of around 28,000 mts per 24 hour period. With a total capacity of 5 million tonnes per year the terminal is a strong example of Nectar’s management abilities and in 2013 won an IBJ award for Best Specialist Bulk Port or Terminal.