Наградами мобильный мешки & массовая обработка оборудования

Nectar’s Worldwide Bagging division continues to deliver state-of-the-art mobile bagging solutions and cargo handling equipment.

Designing, customising and delivering Bulk HoppersConveyorsRemote Release Grabs and Rope Products to our diversified global client base. Nectar Group is expanding its worldwide maintenance support programme for all bulk handling equipment and systems, investing in new technologies, asset life cycle management, QHSE, and local training initiatives.

We offer our clients unparalleled expertise in safely handling a wide range of sensitive agricultural materials, including high-value combinable crops, fertiliser, feed, and supplements.

Industry Leading Handling Equipment & Systems

Нектар группа разработала мобильный мешки единиц для склада и набережной операций, чтобы соответствовать различным потребностям своих клиентов, сохраняя гарантии качества и высокие стандарты мастерства, которые являются синонимом нектар. 

Nectar Group introduces a new partnership with Vesto Ropes.  Discover more. 



Оборудование для фасовки

Нектар предлагает широкий ассортимент оборудования для мешков, который может быть адаптирована к вашим требованиям.

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Бункеры для сыпучих грузов

Nectar hoppers are known for their flexible operations and reliable performance, with clean discharging. Fully customisable to suit a range of operations. 

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Построенный для надежности, простоты работы и минимального обслуживания, нектар грейферы доступны в широком диапазоне объемно-метрических мощностей.

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Steel Wire Ropes

Nectar Group Joins Forces with Vesto Ropes to Introduce DX11 Smart Termination Technology

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Maintenance, Training, Service Agreements & Spare Parts

Nectar Group technology continues to push the limits of capacity and service life, with strong emphases on service agreements, maintenance programmes, training programmes, spare parts, and consumables as well as upgrades and conversions. Our dedicated Aftersales team and technicans are ready to provide prompt assistance in troubleshooting and identifying spare parts for any equipment to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

The world is changing rapidly, and many companies need to upgrade or replace their existing bulk material handling installations with increased cost sensitivities. Driven by the requirement to switch more efficiently and to start up projects quickly; Nectar bulk hoppers focus on delivering utilitarian functionality, performance, and adaptability based on industry-proven technologies.


Нектар группа поставляет

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    Глобальное покрытие

    Nectar Group’s award-winning bulk handling deliveries are backed-up by a comprehensive global support network. Nectar can assist you from anywhere in the world. Specialising in handling solutions for emerging economies and new enterprises.

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    Bulk Handling Specialists

    Be it bulk handling services or equipment, Nectar is at the forefront of quality, efficiency and technology. Offering multi-use solutions to suit varied budgets, needs, environments and customisation.

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    Dedicated Support

    Nectar Group technology continues to push the limits of capacity and service life, with strong emphases on service agreements, maintenance programmes, training programmes, spare parts, and consumables as well as upgrades and conversions. 

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    Over the last 50 years, Nectar’s portfolio of terminal infrastructures has expanded and diversified. In conjunction with port design and development expertise, we continue to invest in our global terminal locations. Offering the highest safety and environmental standards.

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    Value-added Services

    Backed with years of expertise and global reach, Nectar offers specialist consultancy, feasibility studies, collateral management, integrated solutions and other value-added services.

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    Network of Technicians

    Our local and international technicians offer dedicated expertise on all our equipment.  We are on standby to assist you at any time. 

  • Kindly note that Nectar Group Limited is a terminal operator, cargo handling specialist and port services provider.
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