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Compac XL Series

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Compac XL120 is a free standing two-line big bag installation designed to handle up to 120 metric tons* of cargo per hour, basis 1000-kilograms.

Product suitability: free flowing, non-bridging granular products with a minimum density or 0.7 ton per cubic meter and a maximum size or 25mm.

(*Speed depends on product flow, operators and take away)

Each line consisting of:

  • Two stainless steel pneumatic operated dosing valves
  • One inflatable bag spout
  • One high speed fan for bag inflation before filling
  • One weighing platform complete with motorized roller table
  • One motorized roller table extension of 2.5 meter
  • One control panel Minimate
  • One set pneumatic valves
  • The unit includes a compressor with air tank and air dryer system