Maintaining and Operating the TCC8 Coal Export Terminal Since 2011

Did you know…? Nectar Group Ltd. has been active in Mozambican Ports since the 1980s. For over 30 years, Nectar has worked in close co-operation with the Mozambique Port Authorities and port Concessionaire companies to provide support, operations and maintenance for bulk and container handling equipment.

In addition to the various operations and maintenance services Nectar provides within Mozambique, we also maintain and operate the TCC8 Coal Export Terminal in Beira. Since the terminal started operating in 2011, Nectar has proudly increased the capacity of the terminal by 20% through numerous operational improvements and efficiencies.

Today, the terminal has a 240,000mt stacking capacity and the original design capacity of 5 million tonnes per year has been increased to 6 million tonnes with design changes and processes implemented by Nectar’s highly skilled team in Mozambique. The facility now boasts an impressive, modern terminal management system with a vessel loading capacity of 2,400mt per hours and one of the most advanced water treatment systems in Mozambique which is used for dust control during operations.

Nectar’s broad experience gives us a strong foundation on which to develop sound and workable solutions to a wide range of problems, from providing improvements to existing bulk handling equipment and facilities to the development of brand-new sites. For more information on Nectar’s terminals design and consultancy services, visit Consultancy – Nectar Group.

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