Nectar Bulk Handling Guinea team work to improve safe water access for the local community in Konta. 

We are pleased to share that Nectar Bulk Handling Guinea team sponsored a new water pump for the local Konta region.  The community water source was no longer sufficient with unavailable spare parts.

To commemorate the new water pump, a ceremony was held on December 2nd in the company of the President of the District of Konta, the local Imams, governmental representatives, youth leaders, Konta Women Association, and the local community members.

The local representatives kindly marked the event with a ceremonial plaque; presenting the French inscription ‘This Water Pump was Renovated with the Help of Nectar Group Ltd on the 2nd of December 2022’

A proud occasion for our local Nectar team, Nectar Group, and most importantly, the wider Konta community. Our sincere gratitude to the local representatives for their kind words and attendance, as we cooperatively strength our involvement in the local community.


Nectar Group Initiatives

Nectar Group is proud to integrate our social values initiatives throughout our global operations, with increased enthusiasm as we mark our 50th anniversary.

Nectar Group plays an active role in the communities in which we operate, helping to deliver social value commitments not only for ourselves, but also for our customers and localities. Our global colleagues are encouraged to work with us to support local causes, care of the environment, volunteer and make a difference.


Nectar Bulk Handling Guinea

Nectar Group is the main Operations & Maintenance Contractor at the newly developed river berth in Konta, Guinea to facilitate the handling of bauxite minerals. Nectar Bulk Handling Guinea is involved in the export of bulk bauxite which is mined 200km from the river terminal, transported and stockpiled prior to loading onto 5-8,000 mt. capability barges to tranship onto 180,000 dwt. capacity capsize vessels.  Learn more about our operations in Guinea.