Industry News | Port of Beira Now Operating 6th Shipping Line

Major Investment and Expansion in the Region. 

Nectar Group is pleased to share news from the Beira corridor and Port of Beira.  With major investment and expansion by Cornelder de Moçambique (CdM) a sixth shipping line is now in operation in the Port of Beira.  This significant milestone promises an enhancement to regional trade, business diversity, and connectivity with routes between the Port of Beira to Maputo, Mombasa, India, Middle East, and will initially operate fortnightly.

The new shipping line, Ocean Network Express, represented in Mozambique by Manica Freight Services (Moç) S.A, (agent) began operating on 31 August, at the Port of Beira, which in October will be 25 years under the management of Cornelder de Moçambique, S.A. (CdM). The inaugural ship Penang Bridge was festively welcomed on its first docking.  

The Operations Director of Cornelder Mozambique, Miguel de Jenga, said that the entry of the new shipping line will bring diversity of choice for importers and exporters in the Beira corridor. “This will offer more alternatives for the Beira corridor, covering the centre of Mozambique and the hinterland countries,” he said.

He added that the economic gains will be “competitiveness between the shipping lines”, which will be reflected in the costs for “exporters and importers”.

Congratulations to Cornelder de Moçambique for their dedication to expanding and improving the Port of Beira’s capabilities. This development benefits the port, creates a significant trading hub, and has positive implications for the entire region’s economic development.  Congratulations to all involved on this expansion.  

Photo Credit: Cornelder de Moçambique

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